Maharashtra State Chapter of ASI

Guidelines for Regional CMEs

  1. Maharashtra Chapter of ASI encourages the CME/Surgical Education/ Operative Workshops in the regions of Maharashtra through it’s Regional Representatives.
  2. Such Programme should be informed to the Secretary through the regional Representatives for approval.
  3. The donations to the tune of Rs. 10,000 will be given by the office to the local organizers.
  4. The regional representatives of the State Chapter should be actively involved.
  5. The programme may  be held along with any other banner local/state/national but the association of ASI – Maharashtra State Chapter is compulsory.
  6. The circulars/ notice of the programme may be sent to all state members/national members but emphasis should be given to include all the members in the region.
  7. The President/Secretary/ Treasurer / EC Members shall be invited & they may attend the programme on their own expenses.It is not binding on the organizers to extend them any complimentary benefits.
  8. Minimum of two such programmes will be sponsored by the state chapter every year. The number may go up depending upon the financial situation of the Chapter which will be discussed in EC Meetings.
  9. The Selection will be done on merit & priority will be given on first cum first serve basis.

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Latest Updates

Information about elections to Executive Committee has been updated. Click HERE for details.