Maharashtra State Chapter of ASI

Dr. G.M. Phadke

Born in Vadoda in East Khandesh on 6th October

High school educating in Jalgaon Matriculated in 1918 In the Deccan College, Poona 1918-19 In the St. Xaviers College, Bombay 1919-20


Left the college to join the Non-Cooperation movement 1920

Sailed for England For Medical studies 1921 Passed M.B.B.S. in England 1928 from the University College,London Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons (England) 1932 Returned to India 1932 Married to Ms Manorama Bhave at Poona 1933 Hon. Professor of Surgery & Hon. Surgeon at the Seth G.S.Medical College & The King Edward Memorial Hospital, Bombay 1934-56 Started colony colony Nursing Home at Matunga in partnership with Dr. Shirodkar, 1935


Late Dr. Pillai initiated him in the field of Family Planning in the year 1943 & thereafter his interest in this particular field commanded more attention which ultimately became the mission in his life


Hon. Surgeon at the Bombay Hospital 1950-64 Popularised Millin’s Prostatectomy in 1950, was the first surgeon in India to perform 100 Millin’s Prostatectomies. Operation of Reunion on Vas Deference 1954 President, Association of Surgeons Of India at Nagpur 1957 Member of the Senate of University of Bombay Member of the Medical Faculty of the University of Poona Member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation 1959


Awarded the Bhansali Award of the Bombay Medical Union for his work on Male infertility 1961


Member of the Advisory Committee of the Family Planning Boards Of the Central and State Governments. Director of the family Planning Welfare Bureau The film Division of the Govt. of India prepared a film of Dr.Phadke’s operation of Vasectomy & with the view of popularizing the operation exhibited the film all over India A popular teacher of Surgery at the G.S.Medical College & K.E.M.Hospital


Founder President of the Urological Society of India.

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