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Guidelines for Conducting Annual Conference of Maharashtra Chapter of ASI


  1. The ASI – Maharashtra Chapter shall hold the scientific conference once a year, at a place and time determined at the previous year’s General Body Meeting. After considering the invitations of city chapters or group of members from any particular city or region, of Maharashtra.
  2. The purpose of the Annual Conference is to make contributions to medical surgical education by the members of the ASI especially from Maharashtra by participating and contributing in scientific programmes and discussions on subjects pertaining directly or indirectly to surgical techniques.
  3. Selection of the venue of the conference shall be held at the discretion of the Organizing Committee in agreement with the members of the Executive Committee of the ASI – Maharashtra Chapter.
  4. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Organizing Committee shall be chosen by the local Conference Organizing Committee and shall be responsible for collecting and disbursing the money for organizing the conference along with other members. The MOU to be signed by the Org Secretary with Office when bidding should have NOC/proposal from the President and Secretary of the local society authorizing the applicant / Org Sec and that no future society office can change this decision. The decision to award would then rest with the EC / GBM
  5. The Regional Executive Committee Member of ASI – Maharashtra Chapter should be included in the Organising Committee of MASICON.
  6. The bank account in this regard shall be operated jointly by the Treasurer and either the Chairman or the Secretary of the Organizing Committee. i.e. Two signatories. All these three officials must be life members of ASI. All money collected will be deposited in this particular account.
  7. Chairman, Organizing Secretary and Treasurer will jointly and severally be accountable for funds collected and submission of Account (Audited) to Executive Committee of the ASI – Maharashtra Chapter through its Secretary. Within three months of the conference.
  8. The Conference Organizing Secretary shall maintain close contact with the Honorary Secretary, ASI- Maharashtra Chapter. And keep him posted of the organizational progress from time to time. The Honorary Secretary, in turn, shall keep the President of the Chapter, informed of the progress.
  9. The conference organizers may conduct a pre- conference teaching programme/ live surgical workshops on the day prior to the Annual Conference for the benefit of post – graduate students and young surgeons. The hospital desirous of holding the live surgical workshop should have 4 OTs which would run simultaneously, where all the expenses will be borne by that hospital and no charge will be levied from patient.
  10. The Scientific Programme should be prepared by the Scientific Committee of the Organising Team & should be placed before the EC OF ASI – Maharashtra Chapter before the 30th Oct. The EC of Maharashtra State Chapter will guide & suggest the changes to Scientific Committee which will be binding.
  11. The best papers should be invited in the preliminary circular & which should be forwarded to Secretary of the Chapter for selection before 31st of December.
  12. The Organisers will arrange for the one EC Meeting of ASI – Maharashtra Chapter in their city/town for Venue Visit & discussion of the preparation for the conference (in the month of Sept /Oct.). All the arrangement of this EC meeting will be made by Organisers & informed to the Secretary ASI – Maharashtra Chapter.
  13. The preliminary circular notifying the ensuing conference to all members of state chapters should be sent at least six months before the date of the Conference and invite scientific papers, processing there of , programming and publishing of the scientific programme.
  14. The local Organizing Secretary shall maintain liaison with the Honorary Secretary, Maharashtra Chapter, and keep him informed of the following, within the first 2 months of confirming the conference (before 30th April), so it will be put before the following EC Meeting of the Chapter for approval.
    • Dates suitable for holding the annual conference- Four days duration(including pre- conference teaching programme & CME)
    • Venue of the Conference- it should be such that at one time three lecture halls should be available with capacity of 600, 150 and 150 seats. Sound proof halls preferred.
    • The attendance may be of 500 or more delegates, detailed travel arrangement and connectivity by air, rail & road, Information with regard to hotels/ guest houses and their tariff should be conveyed.
    • If the organizing committee appoints travel agency to handle reservations, etc. such information should also be intimated.
    • Local sight- seeing tours can be arranged for delegates and this information should be printed in the Brochure.
  15. Delegate fee should be different for ASI Life members and non-ASI Members. This should be with approval of Executives Committee, ASI- Maharashtra Chapter. Dependents of Delegates can be levied lower delegate fee. The delegate fee for the PG Students should be minimal & the HOD letter may be made compulsory for them.
  16. The Dr. GM Phadke Oration & Dr. KC Gharpure Orators should be exempted from the Delegate fee, should be provided the double accommodation & travel expenses by the Organising Committee. The citation & Plaques will be given by the Office of ASI- Maharashtra Chapter.
  17. The Secretary of the Organizing Committee will inform the Honorary Secretary, ASI- Maharashtra Chapter, the name of the VIP to be invited for inauguration of the Annual Conference. (Chief Guest & Guest of Honor/ No more than 2 VIP’s should be invited for the inauguration function). He shall also arrange to forward a small introductory bio- data of these VIPs. This should be done at least 4-6 weeks in advance of the conference.
  18. The President of the ASI- Maharashtra Chapter shall be the Chief Executive of the inauguration (If President of ASI is present, then he will be given precedence) and shall deliver the Presidential Address at the time of inauguration of the Conference.
  19. The protocol for the Continuing Medical Education Programme / CME, Orations, Inauguration, GB Meeting, Convocation, Valedictory Function etc. will be given by the Honorary Secretary, ASI- Maharashtra Chapter, which may be strictly followed.
  20. The organizing Committee shall extend accommodation to all Executive committee members of the ASI Mahrashtra State Chapter who have registered for the conference. The accommodation to the Central office bearers is also to be provided if they wish to attend the conference. i.e. President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer.
  21. The Organising committee should provide one meeting room for the EC Committee meeting on the second day of the conference at the venue site, & make Arrangements for the GB meeting.
  22. The Organizing Committee shall bring out a Souvenir befitting the occasion of Annual Conference. The Souvenir shall contain photographs of the President, Secretary, Treasurer ASI- Maharashtra Chapter and also of the local organizers and important invited guests.
  23. The local Organizing Committee will co- ordinate with newspapers and audio- visual media for adequate coverage of Proceedings of the Conference.
  24. The Organisers should contribute their share to the State Chapter after settlement of accounts which should be within 3 months of the end of conference along with the audited report. The amount fixed is Rs. 200000/- (for the year 2013 & raised by 10% every year for next 5 years).
  25. The Organizing Secretary shall submit a report including photographs etc covering the Conference to the Honorary Secretary after conclusion of the conference within 3 months.
  26. Refundable seed money up to 2 lacs can be provided by the state chapter to the local organizing committee if they so desire.
Undertaking to be signed by the Organizers of the Annual Conference
We have gone through the above rules for the conduct of the ——- Annual Conference to be held at ———————————– in ———————– and we undertake to abide by the above rules.
Org. CommitteeOrg. CommitteeOrg. Committee
ASI Maharashtra State Chapter

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